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computer vision رؤية الكمبيوتر

Some symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS).

Some symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS). So many people using laptops, computers at their works, eye strain has become one of the leading office-related health complaints. Experts estimate 50% to 90% of computer users experience some degree of eyestrain or other symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS) during their work day. Studies show eye…

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LASIK Procedures إجراءات الليزك

LASIK Procedure ( Criteria for Success).

LASIK Procedures ( Criteria for Success). LASIK Procedures or as it known Laser eye surgery isn’t for everyone. Here are six guidelines to assist you to decide if LASIK Procedure is right for you or no: Are your eyes healthy? If you have any problem or condition that can affect how your eyes respond to…

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Eye Vision مشاكل الرؤية

Tips for Coping with Eye Vision problems age-related.

Tips for Coping with Eye Vision problems age-related. Many age-related problems which affecting on vision can be addressed and solve it by some practical solutions, such as extra lighting for reading a book, watching tv, or tinkering with garage projects. Actually, after about age 60 years, you may find you need extra illumination for most…

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LASIK الليزك للعين


LASIK FOR EYE. Our eyes are the window to see the whole world. Some people have problems lack with their sight such as Sightedness , Acanthamoeba Keratitis, Hyperopia, Myopia, Amblyopia ..etc. With the development of science and technology, everything becomes easier to solve these problems. Acanthamoeba Keratitis, A rare but it is serious eye infection…

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Eye Tests اختبارات العين

Eye Tests and Exams

Eye Tests and Exams Everyone nowadays needs to have their eyesight tested to check for vision and eye problems even before it happened. Students and children usually have vision screening in their school or at their health care provider’s office during a checkup. Adults may also get vision screenings during their checkups. But unfortunately, adults…

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Contact Lenses عدسات اللاصقة

Are Contact Lenses a Good Choice for children?

Are Contact-Lenses a Good Choice for children? Contact-lenses can gives you several benefits over other forms of vision correction for children. But the main question and more common It is asked by parents. In what Age I can put contact lenses to my child? Physically, your child’s eyes can tolerate the contact-lenses at a very…

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Protecting Eyes حماية عينيك

Some Tips For Protecting Your Eyes

Some Tips For Protecting Eyes Don’t take your eyes for granted. Take these easy steps to keep your eyes healthy. Some Tips For Protecting Eyes 1. Eat right and healthy food for Protecting Eyes. The healthy eye starts with the food on your plate. Your plate should include nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, lutein,…

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Eye check فحص العين

Why Is Eye check Important?

Why Is Eye check Important? Regardless of your age or physical general health, it’s important to have a regular eye check. During a complete eye check, your optometrist will not only determine your prescription for medical eyeglasses or contact lenses but also exam your eyes for common eye problems and diseases, assess how your eyes…

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Hyperopia مد البصر

Hyperopia (farsightedness).

Hyperopia (farsightedness). Hyperopia or farsightedness is a common eye-sight problem affecting about 20% of the world population. People with hyperopia can usually see distant forms well, but they have difficulty seeing forms that are up close. Signs and Symptoms of Hyperopia (farsightedness). Farsighted people sometimes have headaches or eyestrain and may squint or feel fatigued when…

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