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Surgeon جراح

How to Choose A Professional Surgeon For Cataract Surgery Procedures.

How to Choose A Professional Surgeon For Cataract Surgery Procedures. A Cataract Surgery Procedures is a so common surgery nowadays that you probably have neighbors, friends or relatives who have undergone A cataract surgery procedures. When you need to do a cataract surgery procedures for yourself, you should ask around for a referral. Here are…

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Laser Eye جراحة العيون

Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK, LTK, PRK)

Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK, LTK, PRK) For many people, laser eye surgery (LASIK procedure) can correct their vision so they no longer need glasses or contact lenses. Laser eye surgery (LASIK procedure) reshapes the cornea, the clear front part of the eye. This changes its focusing power. There are different types of laser eye surgery.…

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Visual Errors أخطاء الرؤية

Visual Errors LASIK Can Address

Visual Errors LASIK Can Address With ever-advancing technology about eye care, LASIK procedure can correct a range of vision conditions, meaning more patients can now enjoy clear vision and a reduced dependence on corrective lenses. 1- Nearsightedness ( Visual Errors ) Nearsightedness, or myopia, is one of the most common lower-order vision aberrations. This condition…

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Low Vision الرؤية الضعيفة

What Is Low Vision? (Causes)

What Is Low Vision? (Causes) low vision disease describes as varying degrees of sight loss which caused by disease such as (trauma, or a congenital disorder) Low vision may appear as one or more of six general conditions which are: 1- Blurriness, where visual acuity with best spectacle correction is no better than 20/70. 2-…

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LASIK Eye جراحة

LASIK Eye Surgery Techniques

LASIK Eye Surgery Techniques The different types of LASIK surgery can be divided into two main categories, bladed and blade-free LASIK procedure. With bladed LASIK procedure, your optometrist will use a microkeratome blade to create the corneal flap. Although this may sound alarming to some patients, the procedure is quite safe. In addition, thanks to…

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Myopia diseases البصر

Myopia diseases : Is it Genetic or Environmental?

Myopia diseases : Is it Genetic or Environmental? Ophthalmic nearsightedness or as it is known as (Myopia diseases ) results from an abnormal elongation of the eyeball during the growing years. This extra “axial length” causes objects at a distance to appear out of focus, which can usually be corrected with prescription glasses. The physical…

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Eye Surgery جراحة

Types of LASIK Eye Surgery.

Types of LASIK Eye Surgery. Due to advances in LASIK Eye procedure technology, there are several differents of the procedure. Each of these advanced types offers unique advantages over LASIK procedure as it existed at its inception. When you are planning out your treatment with your doctor, you may be able to choose from among…

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Eyeglasses النظارات

All About Eyeglasses.

All About Eyeglasses. Most people have education, knowledge, or they know very little about their eyeglasses. so you ask yourself the following questions such as: What do those abbreviations and numbers on the prescription mean? Why do my friend and I have the same prescription numbers, when my vision is so much worse? What does…

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