Cataract Disease Treatment Options.

Cataract Disease مرض الساد ,

Cataract Disease Treatment Options.

For lots of adults, cataracts disease are a natural part of aging. Unfortunately, as they develop and progress, they can negatively impact your vision. Cataracts disease can be the reason your glasses or contacts may not keep your vision in focus. Cataracts disease can also cause the images you see to blur, colors to dull, and can even make it hard to see at night.

When cataract disease symptoms first occur, vision may be temporarily improved with new glasses, bifocals, or other visual aids. When cataracts disease has progressed and begun to dangerously affect your daily life and impair your vision, cataract surgery may be a good option for you.

Cataract disease surgery is a common procedure that helps patients regain their vision and quality of life. This involves lens replacement surgery to remove the cataract disease.

Lens Replacement Surgery.

The day of the procedure, patients are given a mild sedative to help relax and eye drops are used to dilate your pupils. An anesthetic will be used to numb your eye during the operation.

During the procedure, a small incision is created and the natural crystalline lens, which has become clouded, is removed from the eye. Once this lens is removed, it is replaced with a new artificial lens. This replacement lens allows patients to regain the level of vision they had prior to developing the cataract. Advancements in technology have created a number of customized lenses, which may be used depending on the individual needs of the patient.

The actual surgery removing the cataract and inserting an artificial lens typically takes ten to fifteen minutes. After the procedure is complete, your doctor will monitor your condition for a while before you can have someone drive you home. The entire process, from the time you arrive at the surgical center to the time you go home, should take about a half day.

Recovery from Cataract disease Surgery

In most cases, the healing process after cataract surgery will take a few days. Your vision will be blurry right after the operation and for a few days following the procedure. Some patients have described the feeling after as slightly uncomfortable, similar to having an eyelash in their eye.

It may take up to one month for your eyes to fully heal. Most doctors will recommend limiting vigorous physical activity for the first week or two following the procedure. You should also avoid deep bending or lift for a couple of weeks, as this can increase eye pressure.

To help your eyes heal, use the ointment or eye drops prescribed by your doctor. This will decrease swelling and protect against infection.

Glasses may still be necessary after cataract disease surgery.

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