Eyes problems and types of treatment (ILASIK/LASIK)

Eyes problems مشاكل

Eyes problems and types of treatment (ILASIK/LASIK)

Everyone has two eyes in his face these eyes show him this world, Your eyes are your windows to the world. Every day, they take in information, or facts, about light, color, shape, movement, and the distance of things around you. Then the eyes send this information to the brain. As part of the body’s sensory system, the eyes work with the brain to give you your sense of sight.

These eyes contain three main layers. The outer layer consists of the cornea and sclera. The iris, lens, and ciliary muscle make up the middle layer. Finally, the retina and optic nerve make up the inner layer of the eye.

sclera mean the white part of the eye.The sclera keeps the inner parts of your eye safe from injury. It also helps give the eye its round shape.

Cornea mean a window because it letting light pass into your eye. The cornea takes the incoming light rays and bends, or refracts, them onto your lens and retina. It does this to help focus the light at the back of the eye. Most of your eyes’ focusing power comes from your cornea.

The cornea counts on tear ducts to stay clean and healthy. When you get a small piece of dirt in your eye, your brain sends messages to your tear ducts to produce a liquid that is like salty water as you blink. This liquid helps wash your eyeball. The tear ducts also produce tears when you cry. Sometimes these tears fill up your eyes and overflow onto your cheeks.

Even when you are not crying or do not have dirt stuck in your eye, the tear ducts give off a small amount of liquid when you blink. This liquid keeps your eye wet and clean.

Two easily recognizable parts of your eyes are the iris and pupil. The iris is the colored part of the eye. The pupil is the black hole in the middle of the iris.

The main job of the iris is to change the size of the pupil to let the right amount of light into your eye. When it is bright, muscles in the iris contract, making the pupil smaller. This lets less light enter the eyes. When it is dark, different muscles in the iris contract to make the pupil dilate, or become larger. This allows more light to enter the eyes so you can see even in dim light.The lens of your eye works much like a camera lens. When light hits the lens, it is bent so that the light rays converge into a clear image. If the images are not clear, the lens changes shape to focus on them better. the retina is at the back of your eye. It is made up of millions of cells called rods and cones. It is in the retina that images are changed into nerve impulses that can be sent to the brain.The retina’s two types of sensory cells are responsible for absorbing or taking in, light that hits the back of your eye. The rods are long and narrow. They see black and white and work best in dim light. The cones pick up color and work best in brighter light. Rods and cones work as a team so that you can see in many different kinds of light. After the eyes take a picture of images entering the eye, electric signals are sent to your brain through your optic nerve. The optic nerve is like a pathway that electric signals follow. Each eye has an optic nerve that crisscrosses in your brain. This means images seen in the right eye will travel to the left side of the brain. Images from the left eye will travel to the right side of your brain.

it is so important to care about your sight so important for you to care about your eyes. the eyes as any organ in human being body, some people have some problems in their eyes such as when people have trouble seeing, they are said to have vision problems. A nearsighted person can see things close up, but objects far away are blurry. A farsighted person can clearly see objects far away but not those that are near. When we have trouble seeing clearly, doctors give us glasses or contact lenses to help our eyes focus the light better.

Pink eye (Eyes problems) is another common eye problem. When the lining of your eye gets infected, it swells up and turns pink. Pink eye can be contagious, but careful hand washing can help keep your eyes and body healthy. when you care about your eyes you will get on a clear view of the world, keep your eyes healthy for you keep on in this life wealthy.

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