The wrong pair of glasses, contact lenses or bad light can damage your eye.

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The wrong pair of glasses, contact lenses or bad light can damage your eyes.

If your glasses, contact lenses are not optimally fitted, then there is no way you can benefit from your full visual potential. This can significantly impair your quality of life. Think about it: reading the menu in a restaurant becomes a nightmare or you feel insecure when driving. This raises several questions: can you damage your eyes if your glasses, contact lenses are too strong (overcorrection) or too weak (under-correction)?

Do you damage your eye if your glasses or contact lenses are not optimally fitted?

No! Poorly fitted glasses or contact lenses do not have any long-term effect on the health of your eye. However, we should differentiate between the eyes of an adult and the eyes of a child, the latter of which are still developing. If a pair of glasses or contact lenses is poorly fitted, then this can definitely impair the vision of children and young adults. Kids are not emmetropic, meaning their vision is not ideal until they become a teenager. A child’s vision develops progressively: starting in its immediate vicinity, such as when looking at its mother, through the close-up range required later for painting or reading right up to (3D) distance vision. In other words, this slight hyperopia (farsightedness) is really advantageous at first and is something which children, in the end, gets used to with age. A pair of glasses can help children develop an optimum vision. Visual defects do not damage adults eyes, no matter if they are short-sighted, long-sighted, or if they wear the wrong glasses or contact lenses. Instead, your eyes (learn) to correctly focus on different distances and to modify their visual performance, as well as possible, to accommodate the particular situation. If this happens over a longer period of time and needs greater effort from your eye , then noticeable symptoms occur.

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